Summer of Samsung

Samsung Canada has been pretty hard to miss this summer.

Samsung Canada has been pretty hard to miss this summer.

In August, it generated a lot of buzz for the new Instinct phone by being one of the first brands to use YouTube’s new ‘annotations’ technology, which enables ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’-esque videos. The video series, called ‘Follow Your Instinct,’ was developed with Toronto-based agency Fjord. Users can watch several vignettes featuring a young urban professional equipped with an Instinct phone, and even control his destiny by making decisions for him and watching various outcomes.

Also last month, Samsung launched its Mobile Moments promotion with partner Koodo. It plays on the popular ‘missed connections’ concept, which allows smitten urbanites to post ‘call-outs’ at to attractive strangers who caught their eye.

On top of that, Samsung street teams have had a constant presence in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, making sure passersby get a chance to interact with Samsung phones.

‘We have some pretty tough competitors out there. We want to make our products top of mind,’ says Adrianne Szabo, marketing manager at Mississauga, Ont.-based Samsung Canada. ‘Grassroots tactics are a bit more influential [than mass], and let us better connect with consumers.’

Stay tuned: Samsung is set to announce another big promotion this month.