Juniper Park’s prescription

Juniper Park's prescription

The challenge After Juniper Park created a successful US-national campaign highlighting the farm-grown ingredients of Frito-Lay brands earlier in the year, Frito-Lay also asked the agency to assess its portfolio of brands and marketing initiatives to determine how they could further tell their Frito-Lay brand story. What brands should be prioritized and why? What messages should be shared and to whom? What was the ideal portfolio structure?

The B!G idea Juniper Park recommended a new portfolio strategy for Frito-Lay. To do so required stepping outside Juniper Park’s specific assignments, and looking at Frito-Lay’s entire holistic set of marketing efforts objectively. Juniper Park deconstructed the role each brand could play within the whole, identified company initiatives that could be leveraged in new ways and in doing so, recommended a change is structure. The specific details of their recommended portfolio strategy cannot be publicly released.

The impact Based on the recommendation, Frito-Lay US evolved their marketing approach to include the portfolio marketing strategy, which resulted in a restructuring of their marketing organization. The new portfolio approach has become a filter for marketing decision-making and investment priorities. Internally, Frito-Lay initiated company-wide employee communication to reinforce this direction; the new internal magazine even took its title from the tagline Juniper Park created for Frito-Lay, ‘Good Fun.’

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