Virgin Mobile says ‘F U’ to floundering economy

A tanking economy totally sucks, which is something that Virgin Mobile Canada clearly recognizes.

A tanking economy totally sucks, which is something that Virgin Mobile Canada clearly recognizes.

So, to help Canadians stick it to these lean times, Virgin is giving us the means to flip the recession the proverbial bird through a feisty new campaign.

‘Screw You Recession’ touts the savings potential of Virgin Mobile’s affordable plans and its exclusion of ‘stinkin” access fees. An online portal,, also provides savings tips from the site’s team of savvy bloggers.

‘It’s all about sharing with consumers why, in this current economic climate, Virgin Mobile’s the right partner to be with,’ explains Andrew Bridge, director, brand and communications at Virgin Mobile Canada. ‘Virgin Mobile can also be a resource to help people live their lives to the fullest in these tough economic times.’

Virgin is currently working with partners to develop ‘webinars’ wherein financial advisors teach people how they can save money every day, and they’re also looking for paid advertising on the site in the form of online couponing., which was developed in-house, also allows Canadians to post and swap suggestions about how to pinch pennies during this dingy downturn, as well as vent recession-related rage – all important fodder that Virgin plans on using in the campaign going forward.

‘We’re getting information from folks and then using it as our communication, which is kind of unique,’ says Bridge.

The sassy effort was teased with a billboard ad at Toronto’s Dundas Square in February, and officially kicked off in March with the launch of the web portal. It’s presently being promoted by cantankerous transit ads and wild postings, developed by Toronto-based Zig, that certainly don’t mince words. In the coming weeks, Virgin will expand the campaign to include radio ads, as well as mysterious stunts that will take place in major metro markets across the country.

The creds:

advertiser: Virgin Mobile Canada

agency: Zig

executive CD: Martin Beauvais

designers: Genevieve Beharry, Jason Sorrenti, Karl Pawlowicz

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team leaders: Anne Ngo, Alex Ungureanu, Christine Harron

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