Converse: how it maintains timeless cool

Mohammed, 15, Toronto, ON

Mohammed, 15, Toronto, ON

Favourite brand: Converse

Iconic shoe brand Converse has been a hit with youth since basketball was invented. ‘Chucks’ and other Converse shoe brands are sold in over 1,000 stores in Canada, supported by custom retail promotions developed out of the Montreal office and above-the-line creative from the American global HQ. Most recently, the Spring/Summer ’09 Converse by John Varvatos line teams the brand up again with the menswear designer on a new season of men’s and women’s clothing and footwear – following the recent couture-partnership trend also visible at retailers such as H&M – sold at Holt Renfrew and other chic shops. Print advertising in music and fashion magazines and online at sites like Daily Candy featured model and musician Sarah Ruba, in keeping with the brand’s retro rocker image. Other promotional collabs with rock legends Pink Floyd, Ozzy Osbourne and The Who came out this spring.


This brand appeals to me because…it is original and they have a shoe for everyone, no matter what their style is.

I discovered this brand when…I saw everyone on TV wearing Chucks, the most popular Converse product.

If I could change this brand I would…make the clothes line more interesting.

This brand says that I’m…unique and stylish.

This brand logo is…a star, and it reminds me of fame and popularity.

I have been to this brand’s website…more than I can count to check out new styles, and to customize my own shoe.

I see this brand’s ads…on TV, on billboards, in the mall. The most common form is in TV shows and movies because everyone wears them in modern shows.

I see this brand’s advertising and I…feel like I have to check out what the ad is about as soon as I can.

I enjoy this brand’s advertising because…it leaves you wanting to know more and wanting to buy the product to know what it exactly is. The curiosity leaves the customer wanting more.

I would hang an ad from this brand on my…bag, because I take it everywhere.

I would tattoo this brand logo on my…shoulder, so it will be visible.

I would stop loving this brand if…they start copying another brand.

If this brand were a person, how old would it be? This brand would be a fairly old person with style, because it has existed for a long time and is still proving itself worthy.

Would it be male or female? It could be either, because it is not targeted at any specific gender.


My friends would describe me as…a leader, an athlete, rational and trustworthy.

The accomplishments that I’m most proud of are…I was voted as valedictorian last year (Grade 9). This means a lot to me because it proved to me that I am not just average.

The things in life that are most important to me are…my family and friends, because without them supporting me and encouraging me, I will not be able to achieve my goals.

The technology I rely most on is…my cell phone, my iPod, and my computer because I can communicate with my friends and listen to music through them.

The best thing about school is…the environment because it is full of people of the same age as me.

The worst thing about school/work is…waking up.

If I could categorize my style it would be…West49, H&M, American Eagle.

I’m loyal to a brand if…it has proven itself in the fashion world and it also has to offer something that no other brand has before.

If I was given $1,000, I would buy…a few pairs of shoes and a lot of clothes.

In my lifetime, I aspire to be…a dentist.

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