West49: the tween POV on Canada’s favourite boarder brand

Jordan, 12, Sherwood Park, AB

Jordan, 12, Sherwood Park, AB

Favourite brand: West49

Burlington-based skate, board and surf clothing retailer West49 operates under seven banners in 135 locations across Canada. Appealing to the 10- to 18-year-old male and female target are its roster of extreme sport and street brands, including Billabong, Burton, DC, Hurley, Nixon, Quiksilver, and eponymous line West49. Traditional advertising has targeted audiences of MTV and MuchMusic, as well as regular radio and outdoor. This month, West49 launches a monster truck promotion to support its sponsorship of the Monster Jam series – motocross being part of that extreme sport genre; together with Mattel, West49 designed a branded Hot Wheels monster truck called the Skateazoid for the younger male demo. For girls is the ‘So Not a Model’ contest, in which six edgy, fun skate girls will be chosen for a photo shoot in Seventeen magazine.


I chose this brand because…when you step into the store there is lots of clothes that look nice and that don’t make you look bad.

I discovered this brand when…My friends asked me to go to the mall with them and we went into it and since then I like West49 the best.

This brand appeals to me because…people can’t make fun of it or say it looks bad because they wear the exact type of brand and it makes you look more fashionable.

This brand is for people who…want to look good and people that just want to wear it.

This brand logo reminds me of…a compass on a map telling me to step 49 feet west and there will be a nice store to buy clothes in and shoes.

In my daily life I see/find this brand (where)…on billboards, people walking down the street, or in the mall.

I have been to this brand’s website…five times to check and see if they have new arrivals.

I enjoy this brand’s advertising because…they have nice clothes and they tell you when a sale is on.

I would stop loving/buying this brand if…they started making bad inventory or putting the price up.

If this brand were a person, would it be male or female? Male with a bit of a female taste because there is a lot of guy stuff and a little bit of girl stuff.


My friends would describe me as…active, happy, athletic, because I am usually out of my desk standing up cause I don’t like sitting down.

The best thing about school is…your teacher will tell you how to do it if you don’t know how to do the questions.

The worst thing about school is…you complain and you never get the work done or you go through it too fast so you get them all wrong.

The characteristic that I value most in a friend is… that they are active so that they are able to play soccer with me or run with me.

The accomplishments that I’m most proud of are…getting bronze in provincials, which is where the best teams in Alberta try to win gold to be the best, because my family thought I was the best soccer player on the field.

The things that stress me out are…when people come up behind me and give me a dead leg, that is where your leg goes numb for around five minutes.

The one thing that worries me most about the future is…that we will pollute the air and kill all living things in the world and I won’t be able to live a full life.

The brands that I like are all…colourful and look good.

I am loyal to a brand when… other kids have it and think it is cool, it looks good, it is comfortable.

The technology I rely most on is…my phone so I can text my friends.

TV or internet? Internet because I can talk to my friends and play games, and on TV you only can watch shows.

The thing that people don’t understand about me is…that I am not a dumb person just because I play sports.

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