Viagra helps to get you up when antiquing’s got you down

Taxi Canada - Antiquing

advertiser: Viagra
agency: Taxi
CCO: Steve Mykolyn
executive CD: Darren Clarke
ADs: Nathan Monteith, Stefan Wegner
writers: Stefan Wegner, Nathan Monteith
french writer: Emilie Larocque
agency producer: Eugene Marchio
executive director, broadcast & interactive production: Cynthia Heyd
prodcos: Soft Citizen, Furlined
director: The Perlorian Brothers
prodco producer: Scott Craig
executive producer: Link York
cinematographer: Marten Tedin
editor: Brian Wells
assistant editor: Mark Lutterman
video post facility/editing company: School Editing
video post facility executive producer: Sarah Brooks
compositor/online: Rodney Dowd & Paul Binney, School Editing colourist/transfer: Eric Whipp, Alter Ego Post
audio post facility/music house: Silent Joe
music producer/sound design: Clive Desmond
account directors: Christopher Andrews, Rob Feightner
agency planner: Adam Collins