Wind Mobile finds work for idle hands

Wind Mobile finds work for idle hands

Wind Mobile turned the lull resulting from its delayed launch into an opportunity for community outreach last month. 

After the CRTC’s decision nixing its Nov. 16 debut, the overly foreign-owned mobico found itself with trained employees with nothing to do. It decided to deploy those people in communities across Calgary and the GTA – the two markets where Wind intends to launch – to make positive change through random acts of kindness.

“We don’t want [employees] sitting around doing nothing,” says Chris Robbins, chief customer care officer at Wind Mobile.  “We know that we’re going to be engaging in those communities, so let’s start now.”

Around 400 Wind workers helped out at charities including Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots and Habitat for Humanity – and surprised folks by giving out hand sanitizer and pumping gas, even for a Bell truck.

Robbins says the initiative has taken on a life of its own, with staff volunteering their extra time. “This grassroots approach is just killer. So we’ll absolutely be continuing it.”