Virgin unveils hot models in Toronto

Virgin Mobile teams up with Canadian fashion designers and Victoria's Secret models to introduce new phones and services.

Five top models stomped down the catwalk at Berkeley Church in Toronto yesterday wearing what can only be called ‘mobile couture.’ The event, orchestrated by Virgin Mobile Canada, Black Chalk Marketing and PR agency Hill & Knowlton, introduced Virgin’s new HSPA+ network phones like the BlackBerry Bold, Curve and the iPhone, as well as its new ‘Members Lounge’ customer service offering.

Virgin invited top Canadian designers to create outfits inspired by the new products and services, such as an iPhone dress by Thien Le and mobile internet lingerie by NADA. The provocative outfits in predominantly red and black – the Virgin brand colours – were modelled by famous Victoria’s Secret models including Erin Heatherton and Brooklyn Decker.

‘It was actually Richard [Branson]‘s idea,’ Nathan Rosenberg, CMO, Virgin Mobile Canada, tells MiC. ‘He recently did a shoot with the Victoria’s Secret people on Necker Island. So when we were talking about the launch coming up, we were talking about how cold it is in Canada in the middle of February, and he said, ‘you’ve got the hottest models of phones launching, why don’t you have the hottest models launching them?”

The daytime fashion show was followed last night by a launch party that included body painting by a Blackberry Bold team.

More Virgin activity is planned over the next two months, including pop-up Members Lounges in subways and streetcars across Canada, with Virgin ‘angels’ handing out everything from tokens to massages. Rosenberg says there will also be a special ‘gift to Canada’ revealed on Feb. 11, but details remain a secret for now.