Joe gets an online refresh

Joe Fresh Style updates its website and introduces new downloadable tools, including the 'Fashion Shaker' outfit-making app.

Starting this Thursday, Loblaw’s discount clothing brand Joe Fresh Style will get a little more stylish online by updating its website and introducing new tools such as an iPhone application and desktop widget. The relaunch was designed and created by Toronto-based Henderson Bas.

‘As the Joe Fresh Style brand has evolved and we have gathered some feedback from our customers, we wanted to make our website more interactive and become a better resource tool for them,’ says Elaine Quan, senior manager, public relations, Joe Fresh Style & PC Home. ‘The online component of our brand has become a much larger asset for us and we wanted to ensure that our functionality was up-to-date and current with the technology available.

‘This revamp adds to our overall social media strategy that we’ve been leading for the past couple of years, with the Joe Fresh Facebook page and Twitter account and live streaming from our fashion shows.’

Coinciding with the unveiling of the Spring collection, visitors to will see a refreshed site with a pop-art feel that will include a Joe Fresh Life Blog featuring entries about hot topics like trends, events and promotions by experts, such as Joe Fresh founder Joe Mimran. The site will also include ‘Why Don’t You’ polls asking whether or not visitors would be willing to try new things such as choosing a bold lipstick colour or helping a neighbour.

Visitors to the site can also download the ‘Fashion Shaker’ iPhone application, which allows you to pick an item and then shake to mix and match an outfit. They can also get the ‘Fashion Forecast’ desktop widget, which suggests fashion items based on local weather.

While the Joe Fresh target typically skews female from mid-twenties to early forties, Quan says, ‘With the more interactive components, we hope to gain more unique views from a slightly younger demographic between the ages of late teens to early thirties and to also keep our current subscribers engaged for longer periods on our site.’

The site currently gets more then 3,023 hits per day and had more than 725,000 last year.