Bleublancrouge + Revolver 3 = BBR3

The creative agency and digital shop have joined forces to leverage their mutual skill sets to provide their clients with a new service offering

Creative agency Bleublancrouge and digital shop Revolver 3 have partnered to create a new service offering, and with their powers combined, they are BBR3.

The new moniker represents a new, exclusive working relationship that’s allowing both BBR and Revolver 3 to leverage their particular skill-sets to the benefit of both their client rosters – Revolver 3 serving up digital capabilities to BBR clients, and BBR providing Revolver 3 clients with offline advertising expertise. The partnership sees teams from each agency incorporated into the headquarters of the other – both are based in Montreal.

‘We wanted to make sure that if you talk to BBR, you don’t have to worry about our capacity in the online world, and when you talk to Revolver 3, you don’t have to doubt for one minute their capacity to deliver offline work,’ says Sébastien Fauré, president/partner at Bleublancrouge.

BBR3 comprises a novel approach to the strategic unions that are typical to creative and interactive agencies added Stéphane Dumont, president/co-founder of Revolver 3, in a release. ‘Instead of trading shares, or buying each other, we’ve opted to share people and expertise and build a great team together,’ said Dumont.

Though the staff swap between the new BFFs is set to take place over the next two months, newly formed BBR3 has already begun work for two respective clients, and though evolutions to the partnership are likely to come soon, says Fauré, for right now, it’s all about combining skill sets for mutual benefit.

‘We have two specialties working together to the benefit of our client and to the benefit of the consumers of our clients and I think that’s a critical factor of the whole joint venture,’ says Fauré.