Cause + Action 2010

From chips to bear hugs to elephants, these are the brands that won hearts and minds with CSR efforts last year.

Between juggling hectic work schedules, busy social lives (both in person and online) and myriad commitments, consumers still strive to be socially conscious. It just has to fit in.
According to Corus’ Her Report, around 50% of women say living a “green” lifestyle is important, but has to be balanced with other priorities.
And while consumers have the best do-gooder intentions, their actions don’t always reflect it. So CSR programs can help out by being relatively painless to participate in and, of course, ringing true to the brand. 
“Consumers can smell it,” says C+A judge and Unilever marketing manager Margaret McKellar. “To be successful in social mission marketing, you have to strip it down to the core of what product we offer, why it was invented, how it is made. Only brands that have natural authenticity will be successful.”
This year’s Cause + Action winners delivered campaigns that did just that. Judged by our panel of experts on brand DNA, uniqueness, awareness, legs and overall commitment to the cause, they proved that items purchased every day – like a bag of chips or a jar of peanut butter – can have a huge impact.
Read on to find out which brands took it to the next level of making a difference… 

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SunChips grows a greener brand

Kraft Peanut Butter spreads bear hugs to feed the hungry

LCBO deflates the elephant

Maxwell House brews some good

Air Miles flies green with ‘My Planet’

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