Mars commits random acts of chocolate

The brand's new goodwill campaign offers more than eight million coupons for free bars this spring.

The only thing better than chocolate is free chocolate, and the only thing better than free chocolate is free chocolate from “someone special.” 
This is the idea behind the new goodwill campaign from Mars Canada’s chocolate division, “Random Acts of Chocolate,” which is giving out more than eight million coupons for free bars this spring.
“The origins of the program are about enabling the consumers to create their own random acts of kindness,” says T.J. Kanaris, brand director for Mars Canada.
People are encouraged to pay the chocolate forward via retail and national and community newspaper ads, as well as at, where 100,000 coupons will be sent to those who sign up.
Consumers can also nominate a charitable organization for the chance to have $10,000 donated in their name. Three such prizes are up for grabs in the campaign, which wraps mid-month.
The post-recessionary campaign, Mars’ first foray into corporate brand-level awareness, leverages both value for a dollar and societal values, says Kanaris.
“Mars as an organization doesn’t mean anything to consumers. If you ask a consumer, ‘What brands do they sell?’ you probably hear back ‘Mars bar’ and that’s it,” says Kanaris. Mars also makes M&Ms, Snickers and Dove chocolate,
as well as chewing gum and pet food, among other products. “If the consumer takes away which brands are part of Mars Canada, that would be a wonderful form of success.”