Canadian Club revives globe-trotting treasure hunt

The hunt is on for nine lost cases of whiskey originally hidden in 1967.

Amidst a collection of shrunken heads and ancient torture devices, Canadian Club announced the revival of a 40-year-old international treasure hunt.
The newest version of its “Hide a Case Adventure” campaign was unveiled at the home of tribal art trader William Jamieson in Toronto, calling once more on adventurers to find lost cases of whiskey.
Nine of the 25 cases initially dropped off in exotic locations in 1967 – like Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mauna Kea Volcano in Hawaii – are still MIA and the brand wants to get people excited about finding them with this three-round version of the campaign, which will run until April 2011.
The last time the hunt was promoted was in 1991. “We used to talk to an older male target – now we’re going a bit younger,” says Louis Chaffringeon, brand manager, Canadian and American whiskies, Beam Global Spirits & Wine. “We feel the brand has lost some relevance and we have to think about renewing the consumer base.”
Round one launched in May, with online games and quizzes. Amassing 50 points lets you upload a video explaining why you should be one of eight people partaking in an expedition with TV personality Kevin Brauch, of Thirsty Traveler and Iron Chef America fame, to find one of the lost cases. An online vote will determine who will compete for $100,000 (and the whiskey).
Creative is being handled by Proximity, experiential by Launch! and media by Starcom, all of which are in Toronto. Promo elements include social media and brand ambassadors who are stopping at bars across Canada. Good luck hunting!