Westminster Savings’ balancing act

The Vancouver-based credit union uses multimedia to show consumers it can help them find better balance in their lives.

Westminster Savings wants to bring balance to its customers’ lives. To do so, it enlisted Taxi Vancouver to help it rebrand and redefine its positioning.

Since research showed people felt separated from their money, they came up with a new campaign introducing the Vancouver-based credit union as an institution with a passionate staff that works with customers and communities to help them achieve better balance.

With media handled by Vancouver-based Taylor Made Media, executions spanning print, OOH, online media and radio depict situations where a person is trying to balance two things in life. For example, one scenario features a family that’s trying to find a balance between spacious square footage in their house, while achieving a sane distance for their commute to work.

‘We determined that our key stakeholders believed that our existing brand identity really didn’t accurately reflect our organization, our culture and our core strengths,’ said Maury Kask, VP, marketing, Westminster Savings. ‘As such, our new identity takes these important factors into account and it was launched internally over an extensive six-week period to ensure that our staff really understood our brand direction and our brand pillars.’

Taxi and Westminster also developed an employee campaign to bring the credit unions’ staff up-to-speed on the rebranding and positioning. Web and mobile initiatives, community investment and in-branch work will roll out throughout the year as the credit union continues to phase in its new branding.

‘‘Achieve better balance’ is the consumer expression of our core brand promise, we help our members achieve a better balance in life by helping them achieve a better balance financially,’ says Kask. ‘It’s a process that is realized when we work collaboratively with our members to understand and meet their changing needs.’