Score Media buddies up for World Cup

The sportscaster has teamed up with Budweiser to distribute content from the Bud House, a branded content initiative from the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Throw 32 disparate World Cup fans in a house together in South Africa with a Canadian bartender named Danilo and what do you have? Bud House, a sponsorship activation, reality show and branded content initiative all rolled into one.

The fully branded Bud House is located in Cape Town, and inside it are 32 fans each representing different countries participating in the World Cup. As a non-participating country in the World Cup, Canada is represented by Danilo, the host and all-important bartender of the Bud House – a role that mimics the tournament itself, with its lone Canadian referee, Héctor Vergara.

The reality-show element is this: as each person’s team gets eliminated from the tournament, that person loses the chance to attend the final game, which is the ‘grand prize’ of the show. In between debating the finer points of the game and sipping on Budweiser, the contestants participate in competitive activities. (In a soccer match that pits roommate-teams against one another to win ‘points’ toward a secret prize, one contestant remarks, ‘We have no idea what the points are for, but we definitely want whatever that prize is.’)

Score Media has signed on as the Canadian broadcaster for the series, which started airing this week. The short-form shows are airing on the channel daily, as well as on The deal was put together by UM Canada in Toronto.

‘Both in terms of its appeal to the guys that Budweiser is communicating with, and the tonality of the station, The Score provides an excellent opportunity to optimize this great asset in a really vibrant fashion,’ Chris Killeavy, VP and director, communication strategies, UM Canada, said in a release.