It came from Canada

This issue's special report takes a look at big marketing ideas with global impact.

While at the Cannes International Advertising Festival this year, we spoke to Canadian and global agency heads and came away with one distinct conclusion: Canada is making a name for itself around the world. This month we’re taking a closer look at a few examples that go beyond the campaign, from encapsulating a brand’s environmental philosophy, to developing a global planning tool, to a program helping artisans thousands of miles away.
Taxi’s chairman and co-founder Paul Lavoie and CCO Steve Mykolyn told us about the incredible legs of Taxi 2’s work for Mini. “Minimalism” has gone beyond a website to encompass all things green for the brand.
Andrew Robertson, CEO of BBDO Worldwide, said “Canada’s punching above its weight in the BBDO world,” and, as one example, pointed to Canadian chairman Gerry Frascione’s work developing a planning tool to bring the agency closer together.
And Tony Pigott, president and CEO of JWT, is exporting Canadian branding know-how and collaborative spirit through Brandaid, an initiative that helps artists in developing countries make a real name for themselves.
Read on to find out more about Canada’s globally recognized deeds.

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