Desjardins services stoke student finance savvy

The Montreal-based financial institution launches a Visa-personalization service to educate young people about the importance of sound personal finance practices.

Desjardins Group is letting students play ‘plastic’ surgeon with a new service that allows them to give its Visas a facelift.
Called ‘My Look,’ it lets them personalize their Visa with an image they upload themselves, or one they can select from a gallery at for new cardholders, or Desjardins’ AccèsD internet site for current cardholders. Desjardins is the first Canadian financial institution to offer such a personalization service, which it feels it will help students to learn about the importance of financial responsibility and education.
‘The most effective way to get this message across to young people is by capturing their attention with cool products like this,’ says Sarah Twomey, media relations advisor, Desjardins Group. ‘While they’re having fun with the personalization process, they’re also learning about personal money management and developing a credit rating.’
The service, which launched in August, is being promoted with a campaign, developed by LG2 in Montreal, featuring ads on video screens in the Montreal subway system, and print ads, which included a mock front page in the Montreal edition of Metro. It depicted a man wearing a chicken suit going up an escalator, whose image is then superimposed on a Visa.
Desjardins plans on launching another service on Sept. 13 that will allow student cardholders to receive an email notification three days before their payment due date if their minimum payment has not been made. Keeping in the spirit of educating young people about financial responsibility, the new service will aim to instill a sense for sound finance practices says Twomey.