Fat Bastard just called you one

The distributor behind the French-made wine is launching an OOH campaign in Vancouver and Toronto, mixing high-tech with a little inspiration from Tarantino.

What kind of bastard are you?

That’s what Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits is asking Canadians with its just-launched OOH campaign for Fat Bastard wine in Toronto and Vancouver this week.

Featuring a series of wild-posting ‘billboards,’ the campaign creative stars a series of 32 posters depicting different ‘types’ of bastards: silly bastard, tough bastard, funny bastard and, of course, glorious bastard. Each poster features an image of the bastard being named, and the tagline ‘A French wine for every kind.’ The posters will be arranged in six-by-eight-inch blocks for impact.

Created by Dave Snider and Wendie Scott Davis of Gilbert + Davis Communications in Toronto, the series of posters also include a QR code that takes smartphone users to FatBastardYourself.com. The website promotes the campaign and allows visitors to create their own Bastard iconography. The images can be shared via Facebook or emailed to friends.

‘Our goal for the campaign is to instill in these urban populations that Fat Bastard is a French wine that can be enjoyed by every conceivable type of person, that it is indeed a wine for everyone,’ Murray Marshall, president and CEO, Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits, said in a release.

The campaign is slated to be in market for four weeks.