Brands of the Year 2010

This year's winners prove that you're never too old (or too young) to rise to the top.

Our annual Brands of the Year issue begins with a boisterous internal debate, as we look back to see which companies have been building momentum and consistently doing things right – developing a strong brand identity through a combination of business savvy, clear vision and clever marketing. Then, with the help of industry experts, we whittle our long list of potential candidates down to five.
This year – still a financially challenging one – a diverse group rose to the top, from the speedy brand-building of Koodo, to Mark’s transformation and A&W’s emotional homerun, to two of Canada’s entertainment winners, Degrassi and TIFF, both of which surpassed all odds to achieve triumph on the world stage at age 30-something. We hope their stories inspire the kind of bold action required to make the A-list next year.

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A&W cooks up nostalgia
Degrassi keeps hitting the mark
Koodo makes a knockout entrance
Mark’s knows what works
TIFF takes the spotlight