Absolut St.Arts a party

Absolut throws a party on top of a Toronto parking garage as part of its 'In an Absolut World' campaign.

In an Absolut World, Canada throws an arty party on top of a Toronto parking garage.
Last month the vodka brand, distributed in Canada by Corby Distilleries, celebrated Canada’s realization of Absolut’s “In an Absolut World: Doing Things Differently Leads to Something Exceptional” effort. Inspired by the “Anthem” global TV campaign, which featured artists from around the world creating pieces interpreting Absolut’s tagline, the activation took the form of a party featuring the artistic stylings of Canadian talent.
Helmed by Toronto- based Vision Co, the rooftop party coincided with the opening of TIFF to showcase Canadian artists whilst the eyes of the world rested on Toronto. Absolut St.Art showcased the work of visual artists Kellen Hatanaka and Beside Herself, a duo with divergent styles. Beside Herself’s piece focused on the word “make,” since making is, in their minds, the core of doing. Hatanaka focused on the exceptional, creating pieces that explored what would happen if we learned to build and live in complete coexistence with nature (imagine a butcher displaying his wares on tree branches).
“We thought it was important as a global brand with very strong roots in Canada that we create a platform for local artists and show that the talent we have in [Toronto] is as good as the talent anywhere else in the world,” says Dan Cote-Rosen, senior brand manager, Absolut Vodka Canada.
Promoted by LexPR in Toronto, invitations included cameras allowing guests to take pictures of things that inspired them and the art pieces they appreciated the most. Absolut collected the cameras and posted the pics, as well as event snaps, on its Canadian Facebook page.
To maintain top-of-mind awareness with vodka drinkers, Absolut has also executed a media buy in September that has the “Anthem” commercial back on the air, and includes an online component featuring banner and pre-roll ads inspired by the spot.    

advertiser: Absolut Vodka Canada
PR agency: LexPR
event management: Vision Co
artists: Kellen Hatanaka, Beside Herself