Puma and SoftMoc’s artistic feet

The footwear maker and the retailer team up for a participatory art event in Toronto.

Canadians were recently invited to put their hearts and soles into a campaign for Puma’s Mostro shoes.
In September, to promote the reintroduction of the shoe through a partnership between Puma and SoftMoc – one based on a strategy surrounding comfort – passersby in Toronto’s Yonge and Eglinton Square were invited to put on some overalls, throw on a pair of Mostros, dip their feet in oversized paint trays and put their best creative foot forward all over a giant canvas, showcasing what they could do using the unique design of the Mostros’ sole.
“We’re trying to get the Mostros on people’s feet. It’s one of our iconic shoes,” says Sheila Roberts, director of marketing, Puma Canada. “We like to inspire people and we’ll seize new opportunities and be innovative, not only in our shoes and apparel, but in the way we present stories.” Participants were allowed to keep their foot-painting Mostros, and were also able to run across the street to a nearby SoftMoc store to receive a discount on a brand new pair.
The street feet art event was captured on film, and is screening as part of an in-store display featuring imagery inspired by the finished product at SoftMoc’s high-traffic Yonge and Eglinton location. Following the event, which was developed by Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo, the canvas was converted into a billboard in the square.
Puma and SoftMoc’s sole-art event was promoted to “creative expressionists” at the grassroots level through PR and media relations handled by Vancouver-based B-Co Communications. Pedestrians in the area that day were lured to the event location by footprints originating from an oversized seven-foot tall can of paint.

A mock-up of the Mostro billboard is pictured above, as the final was still in production at press time.


CDs: Zak Mroueh, Joseph Bonnici
associate CD: Mark Francolini
account supervisor: Barrett Holman
AD: Simon Au
designer: Grant Cleland
copywriter: George Ault
production manager: Eileen Smith
director of marketing, Puma Canada: Sheila Roberts
key account marketing manager, Puma Canada:
Nadia Angeloni
lifestyle marketing & PR: Chantal Roy