Coors hides a mystery

A new commercial, website and app lead aspiring detectives on a hunt for the beerco's Mystery Mansion.

Coors Light has decided to infuse its Mystery Mansion communications with a fitting air of abstruseness. The beerco launched a commercial on TV, YouTube and Facebook wherein buddies gathered at a bar wait as one prepares to spill the beans on the surreptitious compound. Before he can utter a word, a wrecking ball smashes him into a wall. Viewers shouldn’t fret though, because, upon closer inspection, they’ll notice three Easter eggs planted in the commercial. By pressing pause on their PVR, they’ll find a message that reads, “Uncover a mystery,” a URL ( and a code.
“Because there is so much intrigue out there about what happens at the Coors Light Mystery Mansion, there was a great opportunity to capitalize on the mystery in the minds of fans,” says Troy McCann, assistant brand manager, Coors Light.  
Savvy viewers who arrive at the site have the chance to win an exclusive Mystery Mansion watch. They’re then driven back to Facebook to check out the Coors “Maid to Order” app, which prompts them to create a personalized video, for the chance to win a trip for two to the secret locale. Viewing the video triggers a phone call from the sultry mansion maid it features. Clearly, Coors is the beer of aspiring Sherlocks. In its first two weeks, 220 people visited the website, aiming to gain entry to the mansion, which according to insiders does exist and is well worth the effort.