Warehouse one gets a makeover

The Winnipeg-based jean co launches a chain-wide rebrand focused on 'straight-up fashion for real people.'

After 30 years, Warehouse One is finally sporting a new look. The Winnipeg-based jean store recently launched a chain-wide rebrand across all of its largely rural locations, as it continues expansion plans and a push into more urban markets.
Although the store has introduced an evolving range of fashion-conscious clothing, research conducted by Vancouver-based DIG360 showed that customers were confused as to what Warehouse One was all about.
The jean co, which currently has 113 stores, enlisted Vancouver-based design company Dossier to help.
The insight they uncovered was that Warehouse One is about community and “straight-up fashion for real people.”
 “We wanted to retain our relevancy in rural markets while also strengthening our ability to expand into urban fringe locals,” says Larry Millar, director of marketing, Warehouse One.
A new logo and colour scheme now adorn all external and internal signage, and store photography conveys a more casual feel rather than posed.
The rebrand is being promoted via a campaign by Winnipeg-based McKim Cringan George. It features billboards, bus kings and interior bus cards, as well as radio ads in Winnipeg, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray and Fort St. John, and will be rolled out in other markets across the country in the near future. JP