Honda milks 12-month ad plan

Integrated into every month of the 2011 Dairy Farmers of Canada's popular milk calendar, the carco now has a year-long presence in the kitchens of the nation.

Honda Canada wants to get in your house and stay there all year, and it has found the perfect way to do it.

The company has bought space on a Canadian household staple, the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s annual milk calendar, which arrives Saturday as an insert in 44 newspapers delivered to more than two million homes across Ontario and the Maritimes. It’s also delivered to subscribers of Chatelaine, Today’s Parent, Reader’s Digest, Canadian Family and Together.

Every month, a Honda product is showcased on the calendar alongside the dairy-friendly recipes and photos the calendar is known for.

People are being encouraged to visit the Honda milk calendar microsite every month and enter the number on the cover of the calendar. Each month’s winner will receive whatever product, whether a snowblower or a minivan, is featured that month. Advertisers have been included in the calendar before, but never on such a large scale.

Honda is also promoting its calendar contest in The Milk Producer, the industry magazine of dairy farmers.

PHD’s Toronto office handled the media buy and Toronto-based Grip Limited did the creative.

The campaign’s target demographic is 34- to 50-year-olds who are concerned about their health and the environment.

To attach the brand to something as popular as the milk calendar was a dream come true for the company, says Amanda Menezes, advertising coordinator, Honda Canada.

‘We decided to advertise in the milk calendar to reach the millions of Canadians who look forward to receiving it each year,’ says Menezes. ‘With this being the first and only partnership that has presented itself with the milk calendar, it seemed like an opportunity that we didn’t want to miss out on.’