Cheers to a big decade

We bid adieu to 2010 with a look at the agency, brands and person of the decade, and announce our marketers of the year.

End of a decade. It’s sort of a natural time to pause and reflect and put things in perspective, but for some reason it’s hard to process this last one. So much changed…so much.
Some things stayed the same. When I was first invited to help develop a new editorial approach for strategy back in 2000, the single biggest threat to the industry was consolidation of North American marketing, with large corporations swallowing Canadian operations south of the border. That’s why strategy chose to focus on covering “bold vision and brand new ideas,” showcasing Canadian marketers’ successes.
As the decade draws to a close, Canadian-led marketing organizations still need to stand up to brand-by-brand scrutiny as a smart investment. To make it more interesting, managing retail relationships and meeting increasing support expectations have made things much more challenging for manufacturers. And while speed to market has always been a factor, “faster” now has to come bundled with “bigger,” “better” and “cheaper.”
So our Dove’s Real Beauty campaign (earning two Grand Prix at Cannes and causing widespread “viral” lust), the team at Unilever, Ogilvy and former media agency PHD concocted a play, a book and, with longtime partner Capital C, was invited into bedrooms across the country with the Sleepover for Self-Esteem.
Nice going, eh.
Once again I’ve run out of space due to the other constant: too many brilliant things going on to mention them all.

Happy new decade, mm
Mary Maddever, exec editor, strategy, Media in Canada and stimulant