Stéfan Danis takes on the Sahara

The Mandrake and NEXCareer CEO, along with a team of industry participants, is planning to raise $100,000 for NABS running in the 2011 Sahara Race. 

Consummate NABS fundraiser Stéfan Danis is at it again. This time he’s tackling the Sahara Desert with the goal of raising $100,000 for the National Advertising Benevolent Society.

The Mandrake and NEXCareer CEO’s latest effort follows previous fundraising goals he set for himself, and overcame, participating in the most gruelling of challenges. In June, 2009, he raised more than $40,000 for NABS participating in the Gobi March, a six-day, 250 km footrace ranked the second toughest endurance competition in the world by Time magazine. He finished 14th overall, first in his age group. Next, he took to the Atacama Desert in Chile, part of a group of three who won the race’s team event. There he raised more than $20,000. Now he’s planning on racing through the Sahara Desert in November 2011, along with a group of industry colleagues he’s recruited, in the third of a planned series of four legs.

‘I am excited about it because after running Gobi solo, and Atacama as part of a team, we will run the Sahara as a community,’ said Danis in a release. ‘Having a community in the Sahara will no doubt add to the physical and emotional stress, but will unlock the extraordinary experience for the participants and impact for NABS only a larger group can create.’

Hot on Danis’ heels during the race will be: David Gibb, executive VP/managing director, JWT Canada; Sandy Johnson, NEXCareer; Gavin Lucas, product manager for video,; Alison Simpson, executive VP, Maritz Canada; Patrick Sullivan, VP/GM, DuPropio/; and Anne-Marie Tseretopoulos, director, human resources, Draftfcb. The team hopes to recruit more members in the new year.