There’s no catching up in Newfoundland

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism plays up the province's unique time zone in a new spot by St. John’s-based Target.

Part of being a half-hour ahead of everyone is the opportunity to approach life at your own pace. Newfoundlanders see it that way and it’s one of the focuses of the latest chapters from Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism’s “Find Yourself Story.”
An interesting oddity, Newfoundland and Labrador’s unique time zone is featured in one of two new TV spots from St. John’s-based Target, which uses stunning imagery to complement a closing line that states: “When you’re always a half-hour ahead you never feel the need to catch up.”
The second spot delves into the history of St. John’s, highlighting how it embodies youthful exuberance despite its 500 years, as well as aged wisdom, and how it captivates visitors with a vibrant community overflowing with art and creativity. It follows an older gent as he strolls through Signal Hill National Historic Site, contemplating how far the city has come, with the narrator noting that “a place that’s been captured by the Dutch, French and the English is no stranger to holding people captive.”
“[This portion of the campaign] is the ultimate celebration of the three pillars our tourism work has always been supported by: our people, our culture and our natural environment,” says Tom Murphy, CD, Target.
The TV, which launched in January, will be followed up with print and online ads launching this month that will draw from the creative, but focus more on providing people with specific incentives to travel to Newfoundland and Labrador.

agency: Target
client: Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism,
Carmela Murphy, Director of Marketing
CD/AD: Tom Murphy
creative group head: Jenny Smith
writers: Jeff McLean, Sarah Park, Jim Francis
account director: Catherine Kelly
senior account manager: Ernie Brake
agency producer: Heikki Kuld
director: Pete Riski
executive producer: Dan Ford
producer: Andrew Sulliman
production company: Sons & Daughters
editor: Mick Griffin
post facility: Rooster
music: Eric Harry Music
colourist: Eric Whipp