McDonald’s wants Canadians to go coffee crazy

The QSR is promoting its latest 'free coffee' promotion with a funny Facebook app and a Montreal metro stunt.

McDonald’s has consistently invested significant creative effort in promoting its free coffee campaigns since it started running them a couple of years ago.

The brand did not disappoint again this year, launching a get-silly Facebook app and executing an unconventional stunt in the Montreal metro.

The Consumed by Coffee app on McDonald’s Canada’s Facebook page allows users to upload a photo and alter it depending on how many coffees they’ve had – the more coffee, the bigger the person’s smile. Once the user has aligned their photo with their coffee consumption, they can share it with their friends.

McDonald’s also kicked off the free coffee promotion with a stunt in the Montreal subway yesterday, constructing a mock bedroom in the middle of the Berri Uqam station, complete with sleeping inhabitants. As users stopped to inspect the unusual scene, they were offered free coffee promotional materials by McDonald’s pyjama-clad reps.

McDonald’s free coffee promotion also includes OOH and runs to March 6, 2011.