Wind Mobile says hello to Wi-Fi Guy

Street teams will be roaming the city's hotspots all month, giving away wireless data sticks.

Starting this week Wind Mobile is taking its wireless internet offerings to the street with a new experiential campaign called ‘Wi-Fi Guy,’ promoting the company’s wireless ‘data sticks’ by giving them away at Toronto wireless hotspots.

The campaign involves a street team of Wi-Fi Guys handing out the wireless connection devices at high-traffic Toronto locations, including Union Station and St. Lawrence Market.

Wind Mobile took the in-person experiential approach to reach consumers who are most likely to use internet on the go, says Ken Campbell, CEO, Wind Mobile.

“The people that tend to be adopting wireless data are people on the move, who live in an urban environment and are giving up their internet at home and using data sticks to connect to the web,” he says, adding that commuters are also adopting the technology. ‘There has been phenomenal growth in the wireless area. At Wind Mobile we are seeing a huge percentage of our customers coming online through data sticks. We are much smaller than the incumbent so we find more creative ways to do it. ‘Wi-Fi Guy’ targets people who are in the downtown core.”

The ‘Wi-Fi Guy’ campaign marks the first time Wind Mobile has promoted services other than its typical telephone services, like, you know, talking on the phone. The campaign runs for one month.

Starcom MediaVest Group handles Wind Mobile media in Canada.