Bessies shows who’s best

DDB and Red Urban take top category prizes at Canada’s annual TV advertising awards yesterday in Toronto.

The 2011 Bessies handed out gold and special awards to “Ads With Ideas”  yesterday in Toronto.

The ceremony, hosted by the Television Bureau of Canada, kicked off with CP+B co-founder Chuck Porter delivering a lighthearted speech on the awards, the death of traditional TV spots and the future of creative ideas.

After that, a stream of finalist commercials were played and a sizeable number of awards were doled out to this year’s top TV and online ads.

Best of Show, Campaign went to the BC Dairy Foundation’s infomercial-inspired campaign “Chair pants, Support Head and Chin Lift” (DDB). The Best of Show, Single went to “Super Sexy Abdominal Thrust” (Red Urban) for Fortnight Lingerie.

The Best of Series award went to directors Jeff Low and Chris Woods of OPC, for Subaru’s “Pure Performance” (DDB) campaign.

Gold winners

- “Change” (BBDO) for FedEx Canada
- “Crimp & Curl” (Cosette) for National Advertising Awards
- “Sword” (Cosette) for Amour
- “Chair Pants” (DDB) for BC Dairy Foundation
- “Removing” (Juniper Park) for Frito Lay/SunChips
- “Love/Hate” (Leo Burnett) Advertising & Design Club of Canada
- “Buck” (Red Urban) for Richmond Optometry
- “Eye Drops” (Red Urban) for Richmond Optometry
- “Super Sexy Abdominal Thrust” (Red Urban) for Fortnight Lingerie
- “Man boobs” (Taxi) for Mini Canada

- “Chair pants” (DDB) for BC Dairy Foundation
- “Pure Performance” (DDB) for Subaru