London Drugs pedals change

A Styrofoam-decked bicycle works as a travelling billboard to promote the retailer's spring recycling initiative.

London Drugs took a unique approach to its marketing in Victoria, BC, this spring, putting its recycling message on a very unusual set of wheels.

The retailer has been promoting its ‘Bring back the pack’ program – in which customers are encouraged to return product packaging to London Drugs locations – with a touring experiential campaign using a ‘StyroCycle.’

The StyroCycle is a bicycle decked with a tottering pile of Styrofoam blocks and featuring a sign that says ‘Our customers have recycled 90,000 lbs of Styrofoam at London Drugs.’

The StyroCycle (which can carry passengers as well as recycling messages) toured Victoria’s streets throughout April, complemented by a marketing campaign that included local radio, newspaper advertorial and in-store advertising.

Results are still rolling in, but a press release from the company states that packaging returns at one Victoria London Drugs location increased 200% in the week following the Styrocycle’s stop at the store.

Campaign creative was handled by Unicycle Creative in Vancouver, BC.