Telus critters want your vote

The mobility company is giving Canadians their say in selecting a spokescritter for the brand's back-to-school campaign.


With no election looming for another four years, Telus is filling the void with a national vote everyone can get behind.
The furry critter-pack that’s graced the 15-year Telus mobility campaign has been inviting fans to take a crack at predicting the next star, finally giving Canadians their official opportunity to be part of the brand’s creative team, says Anne-Marie LaBerge, VP marketing communications, Telus. The idea came from years of family and friends recommending who the next spokescritter for the campaign should be, she adds.
Participants have been voting for their favourite among 27 critters, ranging from the classic hippo to the newcomer red panda, to decide who will be the face of the 2011 back-to-school campaign. There’s also a chance to win a Blackberry PlayBook tablet or the grand prize of a trip to Africa for a wild safari. Facebook was chosen as the daily critter vote platform, although Facebook registration is not a prerequisite for participation.
Telus got the word out nationally via 30-second radio promo spots, pre-roll and banner ads on MTV, MuchMusic, CTV and Global online, as well as a wild posting component.
With Taxi handling the creative and Cossette on the media buy, the campaign goal was overall brand building, and has not focused on peddling a specific product, says LaBerge.
The campaign began in May and the reigning critter and African safari grand prize winner will be announced June 3.