Ad Week Blog: Montreal in New York, Day 2

Guest blogger Aleks Wnuk learns how unlikely collaborations breed innovation, and the worst way to get the attention of search consultants.

This week, guest blogger Aleksandra Wnuk, freelance copywriter for, will be reporting on Montreal’s presence at Ad Week in New York.

Day one comes to an end…

The good times kept rolling when our participants finished the first day by crossing “wining and dining at the Friar’s Club” off their bucket list. The guest speaker was Mr. Alfons Cornella (pictured), founder and president of Infonomia in Barcelona, a company that has been pushing the innovation envelope by following a simple rule of thumb: ideas x values = results.

“It’s a fascinating time we live in,” and according to him, coping with this new complex world requires better ideas (new ideas) which are harder and harder to come by, however not impossible if we’re willing to collaborate. It sounds simple but we have a ways to go. To generate innovation means bringing more people into the room. This holds true to sectors across the board from science to design to social networks (umm.. Twitter? Lots of people there…). This is where he comes in. He brings unlikely partners together who have a shared purpose to create viable business based on what they do or don’t have, or what they do or don’t know. But should.

One of a million examples Mr. Alfons shared was: Furniture company meets a sneaker company and they jam. Throw a sleep clinic into the mix and BAM! You get designer beds that optimize a night’s sleep and appeal to today’s youth market – not bad. And it doesn’t end there. Depending on who your partners are, innovation can come from co-branding, co-products, co-experiences, co-process, co-service, co-activism, co-values, the list goes on.

A hand went up and the question was regarding how this applies to agencies. All sorts of ways apparently: “Be an innovator with your clients.” Agencies have a roster of companies who could mutually benefit from a creative partnership. Why not try? Further more, there’s room for agency collaboration too. Since no two are the same and each team is rich with a different set of personalities and skill, a collaboration would be the equivalent to a creative rollercoaster ride for the brain if done right. And who doesn’t like some good ol’ theme park fun?

Day 2!

Raise your hand if you are or work at an agency and want to get on the radar of a search consultant who will help you move forward and get the pitches that you know you’re right for? Everyone? Well okay then.

This morning Marc Lanouette, president of TANK in Montreal sat down with Joanne Davis from Joanne Davis Consulting/SCAN International (NYC), Mona Goldstein of The Goldstein Group (Toronto), Judy Neer of Pile and Company (Boston) and Ken Robinson from Ark Advisors (NYC) and asked them what might be the single most important question which will ensure you get their help one day…

Based on previous experiences, what is the absolute worst way to get them to know you? Send big obnoxious ‘themed’ parcels filled with heavy objects like parachutes, chairs or mannequin legs. If you want to save on postage, send menial things like a box of hats, insult them with laziness by sending a blank check or gross them out by shipping over fast food wrapped in your pitch. Stalk them by appearing at their front door pretending to be the IRS. Email and follow up with a phone call five minutes later. And lie, everyone loves that.

Don’t bother sending brief yet effective emails that are read-over and spell checked. Don’t bother having a good website that:
a) clearly outlines your story, who you are, what you’ve done, and the relevant work you’ve done well for your clients
b) is simple to navigate or,
c) has your contact information

Hope this helps!