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Canadian Tire's House of Innovation and Skittles' "Touch the Rainbow" share silver; SunChips takes bronze with its noisy bag campaign.

SILVER: Canadian Tire’s house that innovation built

The Canadian Tire House of Innovation was an agency initiative that grew into one of the retailer’s biggest commitments of the year.
Recently, Canadian Tire’s innovation scores softened in tracking research. To reverse this decline, Taxi thought, who better than Canadian Tire to teach Canadians how to do things around the house?
Canadian Tire became Canada’s first retailer to become a homeowner. It bought a house that needed some work and took on a long list of repairs and decorating projects. The efforts were filmed to educate homeowners on how to do home improvement projects using innovative products. It then launched to showcase the work.
The House of Innovation launched as part of the larger new “Bring It On” brand campaign. In the first month, more than 105,000 unique visitors spent an average of more than five minutes on the site. In a single 24-hour period, a YouTube mosaic expandable banner generated 8,812,314 impressions and 39,389,550 interactions. There have been more than
3.5 million views of the anthem video that explains the program and invites people back for future installments. Seems like Canadian Tire has one of those houses people like to visit.


Client: Canadian Tire

Agency: Taxi

Co-ECDs:  Darren Clarke, Jason McCann

CDs:  Stefan Wegner, Nathan Monteith

Group Account Director: Leslie Rivard

Account Director: Chris Lee

Account Managers: Natalia Paruzel-Gibson, Andrea Wong

Art Director: Andrew Hart

Designers: Stephen Coomber, Val Foster

Writers: Chris Davies, Jen Durning, Jono Holmes, Geoff Morgan

Developer: Ryan Johnson

Executive Producer: Kevin Saffer

Producer: Pat Elia

Editors/Motion Graphics: Jarred Cook, Tyler Strahl, David Stulberg

Website: Ryan Johnson

Online Drivers: Michael Balders, Kelly Keenan, Bob Blevins, Kevin Hester


SILVER: Skittles touches the rainbow

Over the last several years, Skittles communications had been mainly limited to TV, and there was little opportunity to engage with the brand unless you were a Facebook fan.
With touch technology spearheading a new generation of digital interaction, BBDO wanted to show people what happens when they actually “Touch the Rainbow.” But it didn’t invent a new kind of touch screen, it simply asked people to touch their computer screen and then watch as their finger played a starring role in five online ads.
Fingers fought crime, hitchhiked, befriended cats and even went to war.
The videos were hosted on a branded Canadian Skittles YouTube channel, seeded to nearly 300 blogs and linked to on Skittles’ Facebook page. In addition, a masthead on the YouTube homepage ran for two days, and promoted video ads ran on YouTube for two weeks.
Within three days, the videos had over 1.5 million views and exceeded the campaign target of 800,000. Over a month, they received over five million views and were featured on 2,200 blogs. The Skittles videos elicited over 104,600 comments, 88,000 Facebook shares and 5,000 tweets.


Client: Wrigley Canada

Agency: BBDO Toronto

SVP, ECDs: Carlos Moreno, Peter Ignazi

Writer: Chris Joakim

Art Director: Mike Donaghey

Account Team: Chitty Krishnappa, Bhreagh Rathbun

Agency Producer: Ann Caverly

Production Company: OPC

Production Co. Producer: Dwight Phelps

Director: Woods and Low

Strategist: Zach Klein

Editor & Editing House: Griff Henderson, Poster Boy

Assistant Editor: Raj Ramnouth

Music/Sound House: Eggplant

Online Production/ Visual FX: AXYZ

Online Production: Lunch/Pixel Pusher

Online Producer: Amy Miranda

BRONZE: SunChips makes a fuss

When SunChips’s compostable bag turned out to be very noisy, the U.S. abandoned it, but Frito Lay Canada stuck with it. Capital C’s objective was to reverse the consequent sales decline.
The “Hear What the Fuss is All About” campaign leveraged social media via videos featuring Frito Lay reps explaning the decision, which were posted on YouTube with links to a Facebook page.
Advertorials in major papers drove to Facebook, where consumers were encouraged to assess the noise level, and if they still believed it was too loud, SunChips would send them a pair of headphones.
Within 48 hours, the campaign had garnered 3,992 (now 8,200+) Facebook “likes” and 55 million media impressions, and sales show positive momentum.


Client: Frito Lay Canada

Agency: Capital C

Strategy: Bennett Klein

Creative Director: David Horovitch

Account Director: Rick Chiarelli

Copywriter: Christopher Loudon

Video Designer: Alexi Parizeau

Print Designer: John Forbes

Social Media Manager: Jon Nelson


Other winner in Digital Engagement Category: Gold for John St. – Stanfield’s Guy at Home in his Underwear.

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