Mini plays dress-up

The brand teased with a Halloween stunt that draped Toronto cars in Mini-inspired costumes.

Mini Canada played tricks on (knowing) Torontonians this Halloween with a stunt that had five cars dressed in costumes created by agency Taxi 2.

The costumes were accompanied by cheeky copy that read, “Even your car is dressing up in something hot. Happy Halloween.”

The “Mini-fication” plays on the mischievous nature of the brand and is the first time that Mini Canada has taken part in the fall festivities, says Lance Martin, creative director, Taxi 2.

“We like to think of the Mini as the car that others aspire to be like,” he says. “What better way to bring that to life than by imagining other cars dressing up as the Mini?”

“It’s sort of a cheeky brand that likes to get noticed and do things a little differently to stand out,” he adds.

You can find more photos of the stunt on the brand’s Facebook page.