Other Leo award winners

In addition to the agency's knockout work for James Ready, Leo Burnett nabbed points through campaigns for Bounce and Raising the Roof.

In addition to the agency’s knockout work for James Ready, Leo Burnett nabbed award-show points for these campaigns:

Raising the Roof
“Our goal was to make people stop and think about how they interact with homeless people,” says copywriter Persico of the Canadian charity that works on developing long-term solutions to homelessness. “[One] of the first things we stumbled on was the way people see old furniture outside that’s been left for dead.”
“People spend more time looking at that stuff and thinking about how they can fix that up,” explains Persico, “But they’ll just walk past a homeless person. So we started playing around with the idea of ‘why don’t people see the potential in homeless people?’”
The campaign won a Silver Lion at Cannes and put Raising the Roof in eighth place on this year’s list.

Bounce leaves the dryer
Sean Barlow, copywriter, and Paul Giannetta, art director, come in third place on this year’s art and copy lists, largely a result of their work on the James Ready campaign, but also for Bounce.
The campaign focused on the idea of repelling pet hair and featured hordes of cats, dogs and rabbits cowering away from a box of Bounce dryer sheets.
“It was very out-of-category for them. There was no dryer, no laundry and no women,” says Barlow. “It was essentially 200 cats and a mouse and the product.”
The campaign just started making its way through the award circuit and the pair have big hopes for the rest of 2012.



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