CASSIES Bronze: WRX gets animated

DDB illustrates high-speed performance without speeding for Subaru.

BRONZE: Off to a Good Start • BRONZE: Best Integrated Program

Situation Analysis: The WRX STI wasn’t lacking in power, but it had a quirky design that only a performance car enthusiast could love. By 2010, sales were losing momentum, but this would all change with the 2011 WRX STI, with its all-new design and increased performance.

Strategy & Insight: The target was performance car-obsessed people. But strict guidelines from Advertising Standards dramatically limit the way car-driving can be shown to the public. No speeding. No drifting. No jumps.

Execution: The solution was a thrilling animated chase. It entailed a flip-book idea, using 760 animated frames stretched along a 1 km fence at a speedway. A real WRX STI races by, bringing to life an animated WRX STI being stalked by a huge robotic crab. This was extended into  television, radio, print and online.

Results: Sales more than doubled during the business results period of October 2010 to March 2011. This compared to the objective of +25%.

Cause & Effect: Spending was modest at $1.8 million, yet online traffic surpassed 750,000 views. WRX maintained a 10% price premium over its main competition, and there were no other significant incentives or marketing efforts.


Subaru Canada
VP, product planning & marketing: Ted Lalka; director marketing: Geoff Craig

DDB Canada
SVP, business unit director: Michael Davidson; account supervisor: Peter Brough; account executives Sarah Thornley, Julia Morris; community cultivation: Parker Mason; French account manager: Tanya Foulem; SVP director of strategic planning: Tony Johnstone; managing director digital and social: Andrew McCartney; Co-CDs: Todd Mackie, Denise Rosseto; ACD, art direction: Paul Wallace; AD: Yusong Zhang; copywriter: Daniel Bonder; creative technologist: Barry Lachapelle; director of broadcast production: Andrew Schulze; digital producer: Cathy Kim; director of print production: Rose-Ella Morrison

studio artists: AdRules

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