CASSIES Silver: Tassimo cracks the (bar)code

The Kraft Canada brand breaks away from the global campaign with “The barcode brews it better,” an Ogilvy initiative with spectacular results.
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SILVER: Off to a Good Start • SILVER: Best Integrated Program

Situation Analysis: Canada had been adapting global creative for years, but that creative was not working hard enough. With low brand awareness and increasing competition, Tassimo Canada decided to launch a new approach. The goal for 2010 was to double the penetration of brewers to 200,000, and to grow revenue of its T DISC system by 60%.

Strategy & Insight: The “Aha!” moment came from watching consumers during product demos. While other brewers essentially pour the same amount of hot water through every beverage disc, Tassimo’s patented barcode system means that each brand gets a specified brew time, pressure and temperature. As a result, each tastes exactly as it’s meant to. And once the target realized this, they were sold.
Execution: “The barcode brews it better” campaign had to find a way to connect the dots between the barcode and the perfect beverage. The solution was to bring the barcode literally to life. If you look really closely at it you see that it’s made up of people wearing black or white, and they have a lot to say about creating the beverage perfectly. Media started in May 2010, comprised of TV, cinema, print,
in-store, e-newsletters, PR and social, all integrated together.

Results: For 2010, brewer sales were up 143% to 235,000, and Tassimo took over as Canada’s favourite single-serve brewing system. Sales of T DISCS increased 66%, equal to an incremental $13 million. Based on its success, Tassimo Canada also won an award for the most effective campaign within Kraft Worldwide.

Cause & Effect: In ad tracking, Tassimo outperformed the competition, with overall brand awareness increasing from 52% in Q4 2009 to 75% in Q4 2010. Brand linkage for the two TV commercials was 51% and 45% vs. a norm of 30%, and print tracking was equally, if not even more impressive (details were supplied). Spending levels in 2010 did increase, but the $3 million increment was well rewarded by the $13 million increase in T DISC sales. Promotional pricing on the brewers followed normal patterns, and prices on the T DISCS increased 10 to 25% because of higher commodity prices, working against the results if anything.


Kraft Canada
VP grocery and beverage: Chris Bell; director of marketing, beverages: Doug Pritchard; product manager, Tassimo: Luke Cole; associate brand manager, Tassimo: Ashley Hahn; brand assistant: Lauren Jankowski; senior manager, consumer insights and strategy: Kristian Gravelle; marketing coordinator, beverages: Alice Hammond

Ogilvy Toronto
(former) CCO: Nancy Vonk; AD: Julie Markle; copywriter: Chris Dacyshyn; senior planner: Michael Szego; group account director: Kristi Karens; managing supervisor: Coby Schuman; account executive: Terri Mattucci

VP client service, Match Experiential Marketing: Lucinda Williams; group strategy director, Mediavest: Cathy Quinton; account manager, Armstrong Partnership: Dave Collie

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