APCO Worldwide partners with cultural movement agency

The investment in StrawberryFrog will forge a new dynamic partnership between organizations, says founder Scott Goodson.
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APCO Worldwide, a global communication agency, has acquired a majority stake in StrawberryFrog, a creative agency that specializes in cultural movements.

Both companies will continue to operate as separate entities and retain individual brand identities, says Scott Goodson, founder and chairman, StrawberryFrog. APCO’s partnership will allow StrawberryFrog to compete on a larger international stage.

Goodson, an ex-pat Canadian who co-founded StrawberryFrog in 1999 in Amsterdam, sparked a new marketing model involving creating and building cultural movements. The company since moved to New York and has taken on global clients, such as Rim, Frito-Lay and Heineken, says Goodson. A recent example is work for Jim Beam (pictured), which features actor William Dafoe challenging audiences to make a bold choice. The Times called the spot “a strangely inspiring, and wise, piece of advertising.”

“StrawberryFrog’s focus on movements is incredibly relevant for clients today and in the future, and it aligns perfectly with APCO’s approach to stakeholder engagement. We believe this partnership is a breakthrough idea, and we are thrilled to have found a talented team with impressive leadership, a legacy of strategic and creative excellence, high-caliber clients and a wonderful business trajectory,” says APCO Founder and CEO Margery Kraus.

While the company had been looking for opportunities to grow internationally, it wasn’t until APCO approached them summer of 2011 that StrawberryFrog had found a perfect match, says Goodson, who explains they went with APCO because of the shared philosophy and values between the two organizations. APCO won’t simply act as a holding company, he says, but rather it will help grow StrawberryFrog to its full potential.

“They operate in 32 countries, so there is this huge platform upon which we can leap,” he says.

The massive global reach and respect for StrawberryFrog’s existing corporate culture were big draws, explains Goodson, while their complementing areas of expertise will create a dynamic partnership.

While Goodson wouldn’t rule out Canada as a possible area for expansion, he says a big focus for expansion will be on the BRIC countries – particularly China and India.

“We’re looking to take StrawberryFrog to 2.0,” he says. “It’s a really good opportunity to think in a new way.”