Giants & Gentlemen opens its doors

Toronto's newest boutique agency is the brainchild of Alanna Nathanson and Natalie Armata from Taxi 2, and Gino Cantalini from Publicis.
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A new boutique agency has opened up shop in Toronto and it aims to walk with giants while espousing a gentlemanly disposition. Giants & Gentlemen was founded by co-creative directors and partners Natalie Armata and Alana Nathanson, and managing director/partner Gino Cantalini.

Armata, formerly senior AD at Taxi 2, boasts 13 years of experience in the biz working on brands such as Canadian Tire, Telus, Mini, McCain, WestJet, TD Bank,  Mercedes and Sony. Nathanson, also an alumnus of Taxi 2 where she was senior writer, has notched 15 years on her professional belt, having worked with clients including Ikea, Bailey’s, Labatt, Unilever, P&G, Koodo and Rexall. Cantalini, formerly VP brand director at Publicis, brings 18 years of industry know-how to the table, previously holding leadership roles for brands like Nestle, Colgate, Campbell’s and Labatt, and led the development of the Bud Light Institute. Prior to that he was also VP at Molson Coors, and VP marcom at Telus.

The philosophy behind the new agency, says Cantalini is, “be brave, be decent.”

“That’s why we’re called Giants & Gentlemen,” he says. “We want our customers’ brands to always be giants in the marketplace. That’s our objective and we always want to act like gentlemen.”

To achieve that goal, the agency uses a process it calls “outhinking,” which leverages outside experts who have influenced and successfully engaged the target consumer on a very different playing field from where the client’s brand normally plays.

“Our Outthinkers bring a new perspective during strategy, ideation, or execution,” explained Armata in a release. “It helps shake things up and break old patterns.”

The agency is also offering clients the use of a creative collective, custom-building teams based on each project to produce work relevant to the target consumer and client’s business goals. The idea is to help clients discover new opportunities and touch points to reach their customers, while allowing Giants & Gentlemen to be nimble, flexible, creative and strategic throughout the process.

Currently the fledgling agency has clients Beaverbrook Homes and Canopy, a B.C.-based not-for-profit that encourages companies to use forest-friendly products. Cantalini says that Giants & Gentlemen is actively in discussions with other prospective clients.

Pictured: Natalie Armata (left), Gino Cantalini (centre), Alanna Nathanson (right)