Oasis techs out its juice boxes

Working with Tetra Pak Canada and Augmented CPG, Oasis has created an augmented reality experience that turns its juice boxes into game controllers.
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A. Lassonde’s Oasis brand is taking its shopper marketing game to the next level. In partnership with Tetra Pak Canada and Montreal-based Augmented CPG, it’s turned a selection of its Oasis juice boxes into a game controller for interactive online learning and play.

Through the magic of augmented reality tech, Tetra Brik Aseptic kids can use cartons of Oasis products – including Oasis Classic, Oasis FruitZii and Oasis Fruits – to play “Oasis All-Stars,” an online soccer game that the brand launched this month featuring Oasis-created soccer star Nico.

An integrated marketing campaign developed by Draftfcb, including on-pack promos, promo trays, promo DRPS, on-shelf media, web media and a microsite (Oasissoccer.com), has been promoting the game.

“While we have always looked for new ways to create engagement at store level, technology enables us to extend that strategy into the customer space be it their home or online,” says Luc Prevost, VP marketing, A. Lassonde Inc.

The juice box game controller connects with the game via webcam thanks to AR tech by Augmented CPG that enables the camera to recognize the controller based on the shape of the juice boxes and their pre-defined designs. Players can select from one of three game modes and act as a goalkeeper, deftly wielding the juice box in order to block shots from Nico, who interacts with the player throughout the game, reminding them to stay active and recycle juice cartons after use.

“Along with creating engagement with the Oasis brand, augmented reality enabled us to create interaction with the product itself,” says Prevost. “This was key and played an important role in the choice of technologies.”