Shopper marketing’s future as seen through Twitter

To get a sense of what resonated with the audience of strategy's Shopper Marketing Forum, we curated some of the best tweets over the two-day event.

The 2012 edition of the Shopper Marketing Forum in Toronto was jam packed with eager minds and great speakers who addressed a range of shopper subjects, including consumer psychologist Kit Yarrow’s keynote on the changing consumer, an examination of in-aisle marketing led by Pareto’s in-store scientist Dr. Hugh Phillips, and a discussion on retail’s new ROI metrics with TNS Retail and Shopper SVP James Sorenson. For a complete rundown of the learning check out strategy’s coverage – Shopper Marketing Forum: Day one recap and Day two recap.

During #SMF12 Twitter was…well…atwitter with many sage, shopper marketing-related insights. We decided to curate some of the best to present the 2012 Shopper Marketing Forum as seen through Twitter.


Here are our picks for the top 10 tweets from @StrategyOnline over the two days:

Collaborate. The new creed of #shoppermarketing is a continuum starting with retailer need state – Lynn Neal, P&G [NA retail strategy leader]

Own the destiny of your brand! P&G’s Neal says private label sharpens everyone’s game. Need to articulate what you uniquely bring.

Innovate! Save people time & effort with product & packaging ideas that create excitement in the aisles, physical or virtual.

@TonyChapman says frame yourself in consumers mind as concierge, authority, convenience – rather than price – better chance to win.

Consumer feedback sharing is a great content strategy for retailers. So is How To content that’s relevant to the customer & channel.

The only asset a company has is its loyalty to its own best customers – that’s the real loyalty secret. David Cianco – dunnhumby UK [SVP head of international client leadership]

Trip mission defines entire path to purchase and how the shopper engages the product – Saatchi’s Charlie Anderson [NA CEO Saatchi & Saatchi X]

Partnering with agencies is valuable when they can provide a new/ interesting way of reaching consumers – SDM’s Kironmoy Datta [marketing director, health]

Uwe Stueckmann of Loblaw says make shopping easy and get back to corner grocer experience, and help them discover new things.

We have gone from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption #kityarrow


Here are the top 5 (+1) attendee tweets:

@MichellePalmer: Shoppers Drug Mart- create editorial content once and live everywhere, it’s key to have an integrated content strategy.

@johndhuckle: Forget channels, focus on strategy to generate in-store programs that engage – Tony Chapman [partner/CEO, Capital C] The strong idea. It’s still at the core

@marsphilter: The Amazon Effect is alive and well in Canada! 74% of people said they use their mobile phone to make a purchase decision.

@novosedlik: Loyalty is NOT a program, it’s an approach.

@differentdesign: “49% of consumer brand promo budgets will be point of purchase-focused by 2013 – Dr. Hugh Phillips [in-store scientist, Pareto Corporation] “. Wow!

@noahbarlow: P&G Is learning to refer to shoppers/consumers as people #SMF12 our marketing lingo needs an overhaul.


Finally, a challenge issued to SMF attendees over the course of the event was to tweet what they thought was the best definition of “shopper marketing.” Here are the top 5:

@JP_in_TO: Shopper mkg: driving consumer demand by utilizing innovative and collaborative tactics + with shopper info’n as the backbone.

@KMacInnovation: I think term #shoppermarketing is really the halo for sales, marketing, digital etc aligned!

@noahbarlow: #shoppermarketing simplest definition: communication WITH the person who does the shopping.

@richard_hill: Shpr Mrkt : Use of strategic shopper mindset insights to drive effective prgms in store environment

@theruthyz: Challenge #shoppermarketing : Focus on strategic win-win-win; collaboration btw retailer-manuf-customer = more value 4 all involved