BrandSpark’s Best New Products revealed

New products from Mr. Clean, Nestle and Colgate are among Canada's favourites, according to the latest survey.

BrandSpark’s ninth annual awards for Best New Product goes to Nestle, Mr. Clean and Colgate, based on survey responses from more than 53,000 Canadians.

Nestle’s Mini Drumstick, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber and Colgate’s My First Toothpaste won the food and beverage category, household products category and health and beauty category, respectively.

A total of 166 brands were entered into the contest, with 53 making the final cut for BrandSpark’s annual Best New Product list, billed as the people’s choice award for new consumer products.

The survey also revealed that Kraft, Olay and Mr. Clean topped Canadians’ most trusted CPG brands in the food, beauty and household cleaning categories respectively.

The winning products and brands will be featured in spreads in Canadian Living and Coup de Pouce, promoted via OOH and in store, and will also bare the Best New Product logo.

“Our research demonstrates that the Best New Product Award logo has the highest award logo awareness and influence among Canadian consumers,” says Robert Levy, founder of the award and president of BrandSpark.

The survey further found that overall brand loyalty has increased to 49% from 45% in 2011. However, there was an increase in the purchase of store brands versus name brands, with 90% of consumers purchasing a private label brand in the past year, a 5% growth year-over-year.

Couple that with the findings that Canadians (61%) believe the economy is still in a recession, with 49% of shoppers permanently reducing their spending, it’s no wonder that Levy says consumers are still looking for the best deal when they peruse the aisles.


Other survey highlights

60% of Canadians are interested in using smartphones or mobile technology in the store aisle to download or scan coupons, while 50% are actually using them.

80% of Canadians are concerned with chemicals in their food, but only 37% believe buying organic is healthier.

60% of beauty budgets is spent on skin or hair care.