Alexander Keith’s launches a cider

The new product is the first non-beer for the Labatt brand, and is being promoted with a multi-platform campaign in Ontario.

Alexander Keith’s launched its first non-beer product with the introduction of Keith’s Original Cider in Ontario last week.

The apple-based beverage is targeted at Alexander Keith’s traditional demo of men aged 25 to 34, and is being launched with an Ontario-focused multi-platform campaign with creative from Red Urban and media from UM, says Mike Bascom, brand manager, Alexander Keith’s.

“We aren’t necessarily trying to expand the target demo with this launch,” he says. “We know the cider industry in Canada and particularly Ontario is growing very rapidly. And Keith’s is the right brand for the target.”

The campaign will feature creative tied around the “ritual” of drinking Keith’s Original Cider, says Bascom. It will appear in print publications, such as The Grid and NOW, on TV on Global, CityTV, OMNI and OMNI 2 and through OOH transit ads outside of LCBO locations in Toronto and Ottawa.

“The ritual tied to Keith’s Original Cider is fill your glass with ice, fill it with cider and share it with friends,” he says.