Red Bull drops from the skies

Crates filled with energy drinks were dropped from helicopters onto 400-plus university campuses worldwide during the early morning hours.

Red Bull has boldly done what no other brand has done before (at least not to our recollection). During the wee hours of Tuesday morning, the brand sent out a cavalry of helicopters, which dropped a series of wooden crates from the sky filled to the brim with its energy drinks.

The crates landed in over 400 university campus grounds, in 50 countries on six continents. Canada witnessed a “Red Bull Airdrop” at six different universities in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Josée Laperrière, communications manager, Red Bull Canada, says that within the first half-hour of students being aware of the crates, most of its contents were gone.

The goal for the global stunt was to provide energy aid for students during the end of the semester, when exams tend to take over the students’ lives, she says, adding that the brand wanted to give them “wings” during a stressful and strenuous time of the year.

Days prior to the airdrops, the brand launched a microsite with a teaser video, alluding to what was to come, but without any date or time of when the stunt was to happen. And on Monday, a second teaser video was posted, revealing details of the execution that was to unfold the next day.