Extreme Group wins Nova Scotia Tourism account

The win comes amid changes to the government-run body.

Halifax-based Extreme Group has won the Nova Scotia Tourism Agency account, nabbing it from 21-year incumbent Colour.

The account is one Extreme Group has chased before, says Shawn King, partner and CCO at Extreme. The win comes amid changes on the Nova Scotia Tourism side, with a restructuring and the introduction of new board members.

This played a key role in the account win, says King, adding that the pitch was focused on Extreme’s strategic approaches to dealing with the changing body.

“A lot of what we proposed was how to navigate change and work with a new entity,” he says. “We’ve got a lot of experience with that.”

He says he doesn’t expect new creative to appear until 2013.

As part of the win, King says they’ll focus on hiring to fill positions as 12 employees will be needed for the account.

The contract begins June 1 and will run for two years with the option to extend a third, and is touted in a release from the Nova Scotia Tourism as an opportunity to “provide flexibility and offers a number of cost-savings and value-added measures.”