Royal Roads University launches rebrand

The Victoria, BC-based school is promoting its refreshed identity with an OOH-focused campaign this summer.

Victoria, BC-based Royal Roads University has unveiled a new brand identity created with Cossette West targeting undergraduate and international students in a way its old tagline, “Canada’s University for Working Professionals,” didn’t do.

The new identity, which is two years in the making, is rooted in the tagline “Life Changing” and highlights the features of the university, like a personalized admission process, which differentiate the campus from other schools out West, says Catherine Riggins, director, branding, marketing and recruitment, Royal Roads University. The new logo puts the school’s Hatley Castle Turret, which has been seen in movies including X-Men, front and centre, turning it into a pixelized version on all branding for the school.

A summer campaign promoting the school’s rebranding rolled out this week, with print and OOH featuring platform posters at the Skytrain station and executions at the Victoria airport. Print ads in the campaign will also run in BC, Ontario and Alberta, in the National Post and 24 Hours.