Video: GSP at Cannes

Georges St-Pierre discusses the motivation behind his charity work, and Sid Lee’s Justin Kingsley talks about what’s next for the UFC fighter’s brand.

Kicking off the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Georges St-Pierre, Sid Lee, the Globe and Mail, and strategy hosted a panel discussion on what brands can learn from celebrities, using Sid Lee’s successful strategy for GSP’s personal brand.

The welterweight discussed his decision to relinquish control of his social media presence to his agency team, and how that’s increased his engagement with his fans, often turning his social media followers into his best advocates against haters. Leveraging his appeal, GSP and Sid Lee tried to find connection points beyond simply ultimate fighting, creating conversations with fans around various subjects. As a result, GSP’s interaction rate with his 2.8 million fans is 10, sometimes 20 times higher than other celebrities with similar followings.

Strategy caught up with the fighter and Sid Lee partner Justin Kingsley after the panel to discuss what motivated his charity organization, the GSP Foundation, and what’s next for his brand.

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Videography by Val Maloney, editing by Jennifer Horn.