APC and UDA renew their collective agreement in Quebec

The advertising consortium has reached an agreement with the Quebec artists' union over use of TV content on the internet.

The association des producteurs conjoints (APC) and the Union des artist (UDA) have come to an agreement after three years of bargaining. The new three year agreement – signed last month – will see new provisions for new media, which were not in place when the agreement expired in 2009.

The APC, which represents the Association of Quebec Advertising Agencies, the Association of Canadian Advertisers and the Institute of Communication Agencies, said it’s satisfied with the agreement, in a release.

Advertisers can now upload commercials to their own websites at no extra cost, and as a result, an overall rate increase of 12% over three years for actors will be put in place.

“We are very proud of the work accomplished,” said Dominique Villeneuve, general manager, AAPQ, in a release. “[This] is characterized by the easing of some of the agreement’s terms and conditions, thereby providing more flexibility to agencies and advertisers.”