Wendy’s plays with bacon, mushroom and cheese

The QSR launches a social paper, rock, scissors-inspired game, along with radio and TV ads, to feed the conversation with its recently increased Facebook audience.
Copied from Media in Canada - Wendy's image

Wendy’s boosted it social status earlier this year when it ran a “Poutition” to have the poutine named Canada’s national dish. The restaurant is reporting a 279% increase in Facebook numbers, having gone from 16,000 followers at the start of the campaign to nearly 60,000 at the end. And now the brand is jumping back in the saddle, producing new social media content for its larger fan base, and integrating it into a radio and TV campaign.

This time, Wendy’s is paying tribute to the Bacon Portabella Mushroom Melt, a sandwich previously known as the Bacon Mushroom Melt, with a sort of “cult following” when it was last seen on menus back in 2010, says Dave Stubbs, VP, group creative director, MacLaren McCann (the agency behind the campaign creative).

To create hype for its return, the brand has launched on Facebook the “Bacon Mushroom Cheese” game and is inviting users to play the foodie rendition of “rock, paper, scissors” against either their Facebook friends or the computer for the chance to win free cheeseburgers for a year. “We wanted a game that is as simple to play as it is to eat the sandwich itself and play off the fact that it’s made of three different ingredients,” says Stubbs. “As this goes into market, we’re hoping to have a little bit of that same repeat performance [as the Poutition], where people get behind it and get enthusiastic about it.”

Wendy’s is also promoting the new offering with traditional TV and radio ads placed by M2 Universal. The spots introduce the product as well as talk about the game on Facebook, says Stubbs. “We have crafted the radio spots to talk about the online experience, which is something that we don’t see happen [a lot],” he notes.

“Radio is an additional awareness driver that’s necessary,” adds Stubbs. “Our audience spends a considerable amount of time in the car driving. We can remind them that this product is available and also play off the game as well – create these light fun moments that’ll break through the noise and the clutter of drive-time radio.”